Free WordPress Themes For a Responsive Website

Compared with another CMS (Content Management System), a responsive free WordPress themes with premium quality is in a high demand lately.

Sure, it is influenced by WordPress user base which has been increasing over time.

Many of responsive free WordPress themes are providing such benefits for users. On the contrary, it could also be a backfire for them.

The user (including you) probably will confuse to choose which one of the best themes that is convenience for your need.

In this article…

We will discuss about some free quality WordPress themes in a responsive look. It will help you to develop your website in a minimum budget.

Here, we have reviewed and listed each of free good quality WordPress themes.

4 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

A responsive design is a web design method system which is used to support the quality of a website through some devices such as; desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Based on the data of We Are Social and Hootsuite in 2017, said that the number of users that using mobile devices are about 66% of 7.476 Billion of internet users in the world.

From the data above, definitely you will get such benefits when you use these responsive themes below :

1. Flexible

A responsive web design will adjust the size of a device that will be used to access a website. So your website will be accessible through different devices.

2. A better user experience

The term of “Content is a king” means that the content of your website is the important thing. When your website design is already responsive so your website content can be accessed by the visitors anytime in any different devices. The visitors do not need to enlarge the screen just to adjust the content on your website.    

3. Minimum Budget

One of the benefits when you use a responsive design on your website is minimalizing a budget. You do not need to make any versions of your website design. Moreover, the SEO will be more optimal because your visitors will access the same website although they do that in different devices.

4. High potential visitors

Based on the number of mobile device users, if you use responsive design on your website, it will increase the number of visitors.

Some Free Responsive WordPress Themes Are Below:

1. Shapely

Shapely is a free theme with perfect pixel design in full fitures. You can do a customization easily based on your website needs. There are many widgets for home page which can be used to add portfolio, information about your products/services, call-to-action, reviews and testimonies from customers, and many more.

This theme will run well with some kind of free and paid plugins such as; Jetpack, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, and many more. When you use this theme , your website will perform well in any kind of devices because it has been equipped with responsive fitures and mobile friendly.

Shapely is good to be used for a website for company’s need, landing page, portfolio, even to make an online shop. The structure has been optimized in such a way as to be more SEO friendly. Your website will also has a bigger chance to compete in search engines!


2. Newspaper X

Newspaper X will be more maximal when it is used in a website such as magazine or online magazine. This theme is Bootstrap based and created with features that make it easier for users to do a setting on a WordPress. There is a slot to put an ads on the blog like AdSense. With this slot you do not need to install another plugin or put an ads in a theme manually.

Newspaper X consists of four parts with separated grid categories. There are; editorial, event, latest news, and word news. These make Newspaper X is very suitable for website that display information such as news or feature articles.

Some kind of fields which are suitable for this plugin are fashion, otomotive, technology, food, and life style. But there is a chance that Newspaper X can also be used in any other fields.

Put up your media social link is also a simple thing to do. You just need to go to the top bar to find a special social media button that you used to use.


3. Mia Ittalloni

Mia Ittalloni is created especially for you who have a culinary business. The process to install this theme is quite easy because there are already informative instructions. You just need to look at the documentation section to find out how to set certain section according to the the function or look that you want to set.

To make it easier for customers, you can add a spesific information on the top bar such as; address, phone number, operational hour, and also social medias that you used to use.


4. Enigma

Enigma is a responsive WordPress theme which is suitable for various types of website such as business, portfolio, blogging, and many more. This theme is supported by WooCommerce so you can automatically doing an online shop website with this free WordPress plugin.

There are four pages of layout by default, two pages of themes, and five widgets (one on bar and 4 on  footer). You can also display images that are in Flickr via  the picture in Flickr widget custom.

Enigma is quite innovative and user friendly looking from its slide show carousel. There is also a button for social media in the header and footer that you can fill it by yourself.


5. Sydney

Sydney is intended for corporate websites and freelancer who want to be more well known by online widely. The setting options on this theme are pretty much such as Google Font, logo upload, and many more.

There is a full slider on the main page that is effective for displaying promotional banners. While the menu bar will remain on top of the page so it will always be viewed by the visitors.

You can also add the parallax background to make the website look interesting. To set the home page layout, you can use the draw element that can be drawn to the part you want.


6. Parallax One

Parallax One is created for you who want to make a website with an interesting parallax effect. Moreover, this theme has been equipped with mobile friendly responsive features that can be displayed very well on all types of devices.

Some modules are installed by default so you can easily edit and enter website content. The contact form of the main page will help visitors to contact you easily.

You can make a page of images, texts, or certain buttons with a smooth parallax effect. There is also color options available, so you can choose which color you really like. This free WordPress theme is recommended for you.

There are some other kind of elements that you can add into this theme, for example you can display customer reviews. This customer reviews can be useful for building new customer confidence to your service when you want to start an online business.


7. ColorMag

ColorMag is a free WordPress themes with responsive magazine look, so it is suitable for website content such as news, magazine, and newspaper. This theme has a good popularity among the WordPress users , it can be seen from its high rating.

ColorMag theme provides some ads slots by default to install an ads service like Google AdSense. Its location on the header, sidebar, and footer. You can also install buttons for social media on the header and footer.

ColorMag can be well run with some WordPress plugins for example WooCommerce. This feature is providing convenience when you want to display products for sell through a website. 


8. Flash

Flash is a free WordPress theme for any kind of websites. This theme is created especially for six kind of websites, one of them is a website which used to display the food that you want to sell.

This theme has free version which provides a feature that can be integrated with Toolkit Flash and siteOrigin builder page, makes it easy for you to create a user friendly website.

For you who want to add online shop function, this theme is already supported by WooCommerce that display the content of your online shop better.


9. Bistro

Bistro is a kind of theme which created to maximalize a restaurant website. There is a built-in plugin to display the menu in your restaurant. This theme has a simple feature with optimal function such as responsive feature, display the menu and its price, and also a feature to display a Google Map. This feature provides informations that a cannoisseur is usually searching for.


10. Restauran and Cafe

Restaurant and Cafe is a WordPress theme which is created especially for you who have a restaurant, cafe, or other culinary business websites. Start from a Cafe to a fancy Restaurant, this theme will fulfill your desire to display information about the product that you sell and other any information.

The feature on this theme is quite complete. In the first page you can display several information such as banner location, testimony, culinary menu, service, about, reservation, and also a blog for an article you want to make.

On the other hand, this theme has already supported by WooCommerce with responsive feature, so your website can be well presented in any kind of devices, whether on desktop or mobile.


11. FoodHunt

FoodHunt offers a solution with an interesting design quality for a restaurant website. Some social media buttons such as; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and also YouTube will be useful for you if you want to display a menu that you want to sell through a video. Those are already installed on the header under the slider.

There are three kind of displays; right sidebar, left sidebar, and without sidebar which has centered content. In addition, you can also display the menu which is going to be served. There are three menus for the display; one column, two columns, and grid menu.


12. Brasserie

You can use Brasserie if you want to have a culinary online shop. This theme has a high functional design. It can be seen from the home page layout on the top of the slider that can be used to display your extraordinary menu.

At the bottom of the slider there is a CTA button for visitors to do a reservation easily. You can also display some other interesting things such as an information about freshy and special taste of ingredients without preservatives.

If you have certain discount for certain menu based on special day and product, you can create it on this theme at the bottom before the footer menu. You can also add the day and time when you are open.



Those above are free WordPress theme lists that you can use to create a website in a blink of time. Besides those are for free, you only need to install a WordPress theme then do a set up by looking at the directions in each themes.

If you have a recommendation about your favorite theme, do not hesitate to share in a comment fields. Please subscribe in an available fields to get the newest article in your inbox email. ☺

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